As a scanner software can be used Paperwork. It's open source software which is available in both Windows and Unix. CentOS 7 includes Paperwork scanner software as a part of the distribution repository.

Make sure that your scanner driver installed in CentOS. This is a sample of Brother printer/scanner driver installation instructions from the official website.

Install DCP-7065DN scanner driver

Install Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) application programming interface that provides standardized access to any raster image scanner hardware.

sudo yum install sane-backends

Enable SANE connection required for scanning.

sudo sh -c "echo >> /etc/sane.d/saned.conf"

Set up SANE service to start automatically and run the service.

sudo systemctl enable saned.socket
sudo systemctl start saned.socket

Open Application Installer from System Tools menu and search for paperwork in search bar.

Search for paperwork installation

Install Paperwork.

Paperwork installation

After completion it will be available in Office menu.

Paperwork menu item in Office menu

Run Paperwork and open Setting from menu

Paperwork Setting menu item

Validate that Device, Default source, and Resolution populated properly as per your scanner.

Paperwork installed properly


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