Microsoft Excel events can be used to rename a worksheet based on a value in a cell. Depending on what kind of manipulations are done with a cell driving a worksheet name, it needs to pick up a specific event to trigger renaming.

Good candidates for events are.

  • SelectionChange
  • Calculate
  • Change

The best choice is Change worksheet event as it is triggered by any changes in a cell.

Let's consider a case when a cell is located in the same worksheet which we are going to rename. The cell is A1. A new workbook contains only 1 worksheet. The sample is developed in Microsoft Office Processional Plus 2016.

  1. Open your Excel spreadsheet, then go to VBA Editor pressing Alt-F11 combination.

    Microsoft Excel VBA Editor

  2. Add Change event procedure selecting Worksheet in the first dropdown list and Change in the second one.

    Microsoft Excel Change Event

  3. Add code to the event.

    Set CellWithNewWorksheetname = Range("A1")
    If CellWithNewWorksheetname = "" Then Exit Sub
    Worksheets(1).Name = CellWithNewWorksheetname

    The event procedure is.

    Microsoft Excel Change Event Code

  4. Return back to Excel and enter value in A1 cell.

    Microsoft Excel Rename Worksheet


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