Communication between Presto and a client can be secured with HTTPS protocol. Presto setup file located in /etc/presto folder includes the information necessary for establishing a connection to DBeaver. Java Keystore file contains a public key which is required to connect DBeaver to Presto cluster secured with SSL/TLS. Also, it is possible to disable SSL verification.

The sample uses encrypted with SSL/TLS Starburst Presto cluster.


  1. This step can be skipped if SSL verification is disabled in a connection. Find a file defined in http-server.https.keystore.path variable. The file can be in two formats: Java keystore (.jks) or certificate (.pem). Java keystore works for DBeaver. Certificate can be converted into Java keystore as well. It is recommended to remove private key from Java keystore. Place the file in any location where DBeaver installed. It might be DBeaver root or C:\Users\[Windows user name]\AppData\Roaming\DBeaverData folder.

  2. Create PrestoSQL connection.

    DBeaver PrestoSQL Connection Wizard

  3. Replace Host with your Presto coordinator FQDN and port with your Presto HTTPS one, and add user name on Main tab.

    PrestoSQL Connection Main Tab

  4. Add properties on Driver properties tab.

    PrestoSQL Connection Driver Properties Tab

    Option 1

    PrestoSQL Connection Driver Properties Tab with Added Properties


    • SSL: true
    • SSLKeyStorePath: path to Java Keystore file, for example, C:/Users/sample/AppData/Roaming/DBeaverData. Make sure to use forward slash.
    • SSLKeyStorePassword: Java Keystore file password

    Option 2

    PrestoSQL Connection Driver Properties Tab with Added Properties


    • SSL: true
    • SSLVerification: NONE
  5. Test connection.


    Test PrestoSQL Connection Success


    Test PrestoSQL Connection Failure



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