Trino configuration properties are used to tune Trino or change its behavior when required. Mostly times, those properties are applied in Trino configuration files. It is required a restarting of a Trino cluster to make it in effect in case if customization is needed. There is another flexible option without restarting a Trino cluster and applying those changes on-fly in a Trino DBeaver connection when a query is submitted for an execution. It can be done as a part of the Trino jdbc driver setup in DBeaver.

The article uses Starburts open-source distribution with DBeaver 21.1.0 CE installed in Windows.

1. Open Trino connection in DBeaver

DBeaver edit connection

2. Add sessionProperties jdbc driver parameter

DBeaver add sessionProperties jdbc driver parameter

3. Apply Trino properties

  • One property

DBeaver one Trino property

  • Multiple properties separated by semicolon (;)

DBeaver multiple Trino properties



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